Join us for our 26th Annual Conference: 10-12 April 2019 in Santa Barbara

explore past conference themes

In the Blink of an Eye |  2018 in San Diego

Looking Back… Leaping Forward!  |  2017 in Davis

Creativity in Collaboration  |  2016 in Tahoe

Restoration for the Next Generation  |  2015 in San Diego

Working Collaboratively for Successful Restoration  |  2014 in Santa Rosa

SERCAL's 20th Annual Conference  |  2013 in Santa Barbara

A Cross-Section of Central Valley Restoration  |  2012 in Davis

An Integration of People and Disciplines  |  2011 in San Diego

A View of Restoration from the Range of Light  |  2010 in Mammoth Lakes

A Confluence of Perspectives and Experience, a Joint Conference with CNGA  |  2009 in Folsom

Restoration's Bigger Picture: Linking Local Restoration to Regional and Global Issues  |  2008 in Santa Rosa

Restoration from Sea to Shining Sea  |  2007 in San Diego

Shovels to Science: A Full Range of Restoration Practice in California  |  2006 in Santa Barbara