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Lacey Meadows Restoration Design and Lake Management Plan - Truckee River Watershed Council. Proprosal due: 11/29/18.

Lacey Meadows is located in the Upper Little Truckee River sub-basin of the Truckee watershed. Lacey Meadows has long been recognized as an important meadow system in the Upper Little Truckee; however, restoration planning was not feasible until recently as the meadow was under private ownership. In 2011, the TDLT acquired several parcels in the watershed, including Upper and Lower Lacey Meadows. After the acquisition was completed, TRWC partnered with TDLT to complete a full assessment of the Lacey watershed to identify restoration and protection opportunities for future land management (TRWC, 2013). The Lacey Meadows Assessment (LMA) included an evaluation of the hydrology, geomorphology, historical conditions, and biological resources. The LMA also identified and prioritized restoration of Upper and Lower Lacey Meadows. The LMA identified Upper Lacey Meadow as highly degraded, but with a high likelihood of recovery with intervention. Lower Lacey Meadow still holds significant resource value; however, additional protection actions will increase the overall condition of this site and preserve this existing value. The restoration recommendations for the Upper and Lower Meadows are included as an attachment to this RFP and are included in the LMA. Restoration goals for the Upper Meadow include re-establishing natural hydrologic function to support development of meadow vegetation, re-establishing floodplain connectivity, improving aspen stands, and reducing erosion. For more information: